Is it worth looking to the past to find your future?

According to this article, I might’ve already met my soulmate . . .

And I missed my chance to find the love of my life.

It’s the cherry on top of an already doomed situation. If I don’t find my own date for my sister’s wedding, I’m stuck with the worst groomsman as a date.

The answer is simple: go on a quest to reunite with my exes and figure out where everything went wrong—or right.

The execution…not so much: Out of desperation, I accept help from the least likely source.

The secret weapon: Ethan Montgomery, notorious womanizer, brother of the groom, and my consolation prize if I can’t bring a real date to the wedding. Unsurprisingly, he’s also invested in not being my date for our siblings’ wedding and is willing to help me at all costs.

The complication: As we navigate through a maze of my past relationships, unexpected feelings begin to surface, blurring the lines between our roles as partners-in-crime and something more.

The decision: With time running out and the wedding fast approaching, I must choose between giving love a second chance with one of my exes or taking a leap of faith into the unknown with Ethan.

The outcome: Will this journey lead me to my true soulmate, or will I discover that the love I’ve been searching for has been beside me all along?